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Research Group on Artificial Life – Alife

Mike Woodcock



Mike Woodcock

  • Economist from the National University of Colombia with studies in mathematics, ranked 5 out of 75 in the Economic Class 2017, with experience in Research, interested in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Researcher in the Artificial Life Research Group and in the Algorithmic and Combinatorial Research Group, coordinator and researcher on the Research Group on Institutional and Evolutionary Economics, leading a project of Natural Language Processing with the Legislative Team of the Senator and Presidential Candidate Claudia LA?pez.

Research on Alife

    • Policy Impact Evaluation on Taxis and Uber Services in Bogota: A Complex Simulation Approach

      The purpose of this research is to identify the results of interactions between agents of the Transport Services market in order to evaluate the effect that certain policies can have in the market using AI models